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03 May 2010 @ 11:12 pm
There are two sides to this.  
Last Thursday a group of men (/boys) attacked my cousin, Lester, with metal pipes. Proper steps are being taken to apprehend these men (/boys). Highway patrol already spotted the hot car, questioned the kid who was driving, AT UMAMIN NA YUNG BATA (allegedly, frat initiation rites yon), only THEY LET THE KID GO because his lawyer came and all that. There is so much to be said but for now I’ll just repost what one of Lester’s friends wrote:

We are Lester Pascua’s friends.

We come together to give a voice to his story.

Five unknown men, brandishing metal pipes and hidden by masks, viciously attacked our friend, Lester, in Katipunan at the night of April 29. As our friend Lester was walking from his house to buy dinner, these men mercilessly, and without any provocation, attacked him. They ganged up on him and beat him to a pulp. As if their treachery and brutality was never enough, they soon drove off in a silver Vios (plate number ZMD 300) to escape.

As his friends, we continue to receive persistent reports that this crime was a fraternity-related hit gone wrong. Knowing that our friend Lester was never a fraternity member in UP, and had no known enemies, only heightens our suspicions that this was a case of mistaken identity. In our eyes, Lester was an innocent person caught up in a senseless act of vendetta.

Even as we still piece together what really happened in this case, and we trust our authorities in their investigation, we still condemn – in the strongest terms – this barbaric act. If it was indeed true that this was a fraternity hit, these men who attacked him are no different from criminals. These criminals, whoever they are, must not go unpunished.

We are angry that these things can actually happen in our streets. We are indignant that these hoodlums think that they can get away with their crimes. Nonetheless, we are united by our demand to exact justice.

As Lester’s friends, we come together as one to bring attention to his case, and never stop until the criminals who have done this to him are punished.

If you believe in what we stand for, please repost this.

Let us show these criminals that we don’t take this sitting down.

– written by Mae Palgan